His Church


The desire of HillCity Church is to proclaim to our time, without apology, the sufficiency of Christ in all areas of life. He will give us grace in trials, re-order our relationships, overwhelm us with joy, and cause us to bear abundant fruit in unexpected areas. We will have peace in this life, and the promised ETERNAL REWARDS (click on link) in the next. 


God's plan for each of us embraces the destiny of what He calls His body, the Church. The mystery of communion with Him promises each of us the safety and rich fulfillment that come only as we collectively function for His glory.  Scripture and the believer's experience prove that all those who pursue truth will bless others  by connecting with them in  worship while  serving them.


As we gather in His name, anticipating His presence, the world watches us skeptically. Can we prove His presence by our brotherly love? Will lives - ours and others - be changed, ignited with new hope and purpose when exposed to the risen Jesus? We believe so! Do you believe the same? 


If you desire to know more of Christ and His direction for your life and family, come meet with us and expect His help on your behalf. 


*HillCity Church is an independent Bible church.