-Mark &Jan Shatynski (health & encouragement for both of them as well as some potentially life changing decisions) 

_Barb Brandt (health and comfort, strength)

-John Nixon: John is a member of our church who has moved to Virginia to be closer to family.

-Our church (unity and direction)

     *This is a big one at this time. God is working in and through our church. Pray that the enemy would not be able to get a foothold and cause division and strife in our midst.


-Lost souls and harvesters to reach them

     *Please pray for those who are visiting our church who need Jesus!

     *Please pray as we minister to those who have addictions and are homeless or in great need

-Our current ministries: Food Pantry, Men's & Women's ministries, Outreach (street witnessing)

     *Please pray as we seek the Lord in how best to do evangelism (when we would normally be out on the streets) during these winter months.